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QQ vs Facebook: Why the Penguin Wins

April 1, 2011
Facebook is often referred to as the largest social networking site in the world. However, Tencent QQ, often known simply as QQ, arguably has an even higher number of unique users. According to Wikipedia, “as of September 30, 2010, the active QQ users accounts for QQ IM amounted to 636.6 million, possibly making it the world’s largest online community. The number of simultaneous online QQ accounts exceeded 100 million”.
Why Facebook Loses
I’m only an occasional user of social networking sites (namely QQ and Facebook). However, look beyond the penguin and the slightly childish presentation of the QQ instant messaging, and something becomes clear: The reason why QQ has become such a phenomenon is China as that it offers everything in one place.
QQ is Myspace done right
Instant messaging. QQ has something like 18x  the numbers of users as MSN instant chat. ALL of your friends are online nearly all the time. If you’re Chinese and you’re using a computer,there’s a 90% chance that there is a little penguin icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.   
Groups/Networking. Remember chat rooms? Well QQ’s got it covered. There is no easier way to send and receive instant messages to ‘groups’ on any topic. A couple of clicks and you’re connected to a group about pizza that has 100 online people ready to be QQed at any moment. From hobbies to universities to schools to job searches to politics discussion, it’s a great, natural to make instant friends and network, without the very forced and uncomfortable friend  adopting a friend of a friend of a friend Facebook thing.
Blogging: Yes, that’s right Facebook. QQ users can actually write blogs  that their friends (and others) might actually be interested in, rather than moronic two line status updates. The status update option also exists. They can also upload music – for free, as well as being capable of anything else facebook is. And you can even type in different fonts!!! (wordpress)
Real Friends: As QQ gives the possibility to actually blog, it’s actually fun to go to your friends site and see what they’ve decided to write about and comment on what they’ve written. As opposed to the self absorbed Facebook status updates.
Real Online Games: QQ games are actually GOOD, FUN, ORIGINAL, and properly muliplayer. There is a huge variety of genres and their playability puts Facebook’s efforts to shame.
General Attractivess: You can literally make your QQ blog look like anything. Add your own music. Your own images. Again, think Myspace only done right. Facebook is just BLAND.
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